**At this time, the Alaska Raptor Center is not offering any internship positions.   Please keep checking back for future internship possibilities**


Each year, volunteers from around the world donate their time – from a couple of days to a couple months – to the Alaska Raptor Center. In 2015, 92 volunteers contributed more than 2,300 hours, doing everything from feeding the birds and cleaning their Mews to helping out in the business office and maintaining the Center’s facility.

Why does the Alaska Raptor Center need volunteers?

The Alaska Raptor Center is committed to providing the most efficient use of manpower on matching a volunteer’s talents and skills to appropriate services to be rendered. To realize this goal, the Alaska Raptor Center shall make every effort to enlist the cooperation of all available resources. The Center is dedicated to the development of a partnership, which utilizes volunteerism in the development and delivery of services directed by the staff.

In addition to the above, the Alaska Raptor Center must develop and maintain a responsible program of volunteer participation because of the following:

• as a non-profit, the Alaska Raptor Center does not have sufficient resources to meet all financial and service needs.

• it has been repeatedly demonstrated that volunteers significantly enhance, expand and upgrade service. With effective recruitment, screening, training and supervision, volunteers perform nearly any task effectively and responsibly.

The Alaska Raptor Center feels it is essential to involve the community in volunteerism. This not only serves to educate the public about relevant issues, but will create a more enlightened and active volunteer base.

A volunteer is defined as anyone who performs a service for the Alaska Raptor Center without pay. Reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses does not constitute payment. Volunteers within the Center are not intended to replace existing staff, but to augment them.