You can help the Alaska Raptor Center stretch our membership dollars and keep expenses down by donating supplies and materials.

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Office supplies

  • Laser labels (Avery #5161, #5260 and #5267)
  • HP LaserJet Pro 200 toner cartridges (all colors)
  • HP LaserJet P2035 toner cartridges
  • Postage stamps (49¢)(Forever stamps are best)

Husbandry Supplies (Cleaning Bird Enclosures)

  • Hose nozzles (assorted kinds)
  • Spray bottles (assorted sizes)
  • Garden Hoses
  • Scrub Brushes
  • Rubber Gloves (all sizes)
  • Zip Ties (cable ties) all sizes

Items can be purchased at a drug store, grocery store or veterinarian office

Medical supplies

Wound Care:

  • Coban/Vet-wrap/Coflex
  • Medical tape
  • *Cotton or gauze bandages
  • Non stick pads
  • Elasticon/Elastoplast 2” or greater
  • Orthopedic pins, all sizes
  • Surgical scrub brush/sponge
  • Silvidine
  • Tegaderm (large size preferred)


  • Fluids Warmer
  • Digital X-ray machine
  • Therapeutic laser for woundcare


  • Metacam
  • Baytril injectable
  • Calcium EDTA
  • Hibiclens Scrub
  • Dasuquin (cat size)

Surgery Supplies

  • Orthopedic Pins
  • Small orthopedic instruments
  • Blue surgical towels
  • Clear drape material
  • Disposable drape material

X-Ray Supplies
Foam X-Ray wedges and props 


  • Hematocrit tubes
  • Diff Quick Stain
  • Wipes for cleaning microscope

Misc. Medical Supplies

  • Storage containers (ex: Tupperware)*
  • Baby receiving blankets*
  • 13 gallon garbage bags*
  • 33 gallon extra heavy duty trash bags*
  • Welding jackets, chaps and gloves for handling eagles
  • Over-sized bath towels*
  • Small Pony brand squeeze clamps (#3201)*
  • Bleach*
  • Paper Towels*
  • Duct tape*
  • Zip-Loc bags*
  • Cotton tipped swab sticks*
  • Latex exam gloves*
  • Sterile 60cc syringes with luer lock
  • Sterile 1cc syringes with 25g 5/8” needle
  • Sharps containers
  • Any size sutures
  • Misc. sterile syringes
  • Misc. sterile needles
  • Blue surgical towels
  • IV Fluids 0.9% Nacl and LRS
  • Alcohol Pads

* Items can be purchased at drug/pet store


Maintenance Wish List

  • Compact oil-free portable air compressor (electric, approx 150 PSI or more)
  • Router (woodworking type, not internet type)
  • Gas-powered 5HP (or stronger) wood chipper/leaf shredder
  • Rubbermaid commercial plastic 44-gallon Brute garbage cans (no lids necessary)
  • 10-inch compound miter saw
  • Pressure washer(s), lighter duty electric, and heavier duty gas-powered (2500-3000+ PSI)
  • Almost any useable miscellaneous hand/power tools in decent condition
  • Standard size serious duty broom(s), corn fiber type, wooden handled. (not small or plastic/nylon)

**Some of the items on our list are expensive and heavy, making shipping very expensive.  We recommend you call (907) 747-8662 or email us at to make sure that another Raptor Center friend hasn’t already purchased it.

Veterinary Library

Because we are so isolated, reference material is essential for providing quality care for the birds. You can either order the book yourself, or send us a donation ear-marked for a certain book. The phone number for ordering follows each book. Your name will be written inside the cover to remind us of your generosity. Every book on the following list will be an excellent addition to our library.

Thank you! 
J.H. Enterprises from Enumclaw, WA  purchased the entire library for us this past summer.  We so appreciate this!

  • Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox, $49.95, Western Sporting: 1-888-FLY-HAWK
  • Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual by W.J. Foreyt, $49.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Color Atlas of Veterinary Ophthalmology by K.N. Gelatt, $114.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Essentials of Veterinary Hematology by N.C. Jain, $79.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Veterinary Hematology and Clinical Chemistry by Thrall, $89.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Veterinary Toxicology by M. Chapman, $139.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Zoonosis: Recognition, Control, and Prevention by M.E. Hugh-Jones, $54.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Essentials of Small Animal Anesthesia and Analgesia by J.C. Thurmon, $59.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • External Fixation in Small Animal Practice by K. Kraus, $105.99, John Wiley and Sons:
  • Swan Keepers Handbook by G. Gardner, $60.00
  • Manual of Raptors, Pigeons and Passerine Birds by John Chitty and Michael Lierz, $159.99 Wiley-Blackwell
  • Parasitic Diseases of Wild Birds by C. Atikinson, N. Thomas and D.B. Hunter, $104.99 Wiley-Blackwell
  • Recommended Protocols for Oil-Affected Birds $13.50, Wildlife Publications:
  • How Fast can a Falcon Fly by Peter Capainolo & Carol A. Butler, Rutgers University Press, $21.95 

Thank you for your support!

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See our Amazon Wish List for other ideas!